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My Guestbook

I developed this page so that  you could sign in when you visited this site and you could share your email address so that I could be intouch with you personally.   It worked great for that purpose but it also created an open door for the smut peddlers.  It became necessary for us to visit the site two to three times daily and make deletions on the guestbook site in an attempt to remove pornographic material, enhancement drug ads and other filth that had been dumped there on an automated basis.  After trying to prevent this filth from damaging my website and being unable to do so within reasonable levels, we decided to take the guest book down from the site to prevent someone  visiting my site and finding the trash present.

Please go to the contact page and send me an email so that I will know that you have been to the site and so that I may be able to get back in touch with you.  Thanks for your interest and support.
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